Affiliate Program
Win Win


Earn 40% Monthly Recurring Commissions!

The Motiply Affiliate Program is an easy way to earn huge commissions. Market Motiply Partners on websites, blogs or even in networks you are a part of and you will earn 40% recurring monthly income from everyone who signs-up. You do not even have to worry about tracking, we do it all for you.

Motiply Affiliates Receive

  • Affiliate account for viewing inquiries, sales and commissions
  • Mulitple tools for marketing. Banner Ads, Unique URLs and Linkable Terms
  • 40% monthly recurring revenue for the lifetime of the account
  • Commission's direct deposited into a PayPal account

Potential Affiliate Revenue

Every individual or business that joins Motiply Partners pays a recurring monthly fee

  • 25 Total Joins = $1,490 per month
  • 50 Total Joins = $2,980 per month
  • 100 Total Joins = $5,960 per month
  • 250 Total Joins = $14,900 per month

A "Join" is someone that joins Motiply Partners as a licensee from one of your unique links.

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